Privacy Policy

All users' details given at the moment of subscribing to Youppido and its services will be registered in the electronic database of Youppido, giving permission to Youppido for its use.

The personal details of the user shall be utilized by Youppido according to the principles of protection of privacy as established in International and European laws.

This policy strictly regards the personal data sent by the User upon registration, as well as that obtained from the visits and surfing of/to our website and subsequently given by the User for the activation of services offered within Youppido's website.

Personal data is divided into two categories: compulsory and optional, as can be seen by the process of registration and activation request of services offered. All personal data that is submitted by the User at the moment of registration as well as that obtained when the said user visits and surfs our website and consequently provided by the User for the activation of services offered within the websitel.

Youppido submits to the Italian Personal Data Protection Code with all users' personal data and their use. This includes (but is not limited to)- collection, registration, organization, preservation, elaboration, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interaction and all other useful operations for the supply of requested services (including communication to third parties whenever necessary) in an automated and digitliized manner. Said data may also be added to the data base or to archives.

The requested personal data is subdivided into two categories: Compulsory and Optional, which will be the result of the procedure according to requests made for services offered during activation. Use of said Compulsory data and the related handling at time of issue will be strictly used for the carrying out of the stated services. If a User refuses to give consent of use of said data then it will not be possible to use the services offered by the website. All other data collected will help Youppido offer better services. The User is free to give or refuse to give said data and Youppido will respect the decision made.

Specifically, the following is the intended use of personal data::

  • Provide expected services;
  • Verify the quality of provided services;
  • Provide and fulfill all eventual tax-related and non related obligations;
  • Satisfy statistical, marketing and product preference research;
  • Answer to unlawful, fraudulent and/or illegal handling only when requested by the correct competent authorities.

In the case that the User has given consent:

  • We will provide the information and/or products, services or initiatives offered and/or promoted by Youppido and/or controlled by affiliated entities (such as commercial partners and outsourcers) without transferring personal data to third parties.

The User may access his/her own data at any given moment.

Youppido informs that: The User has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of information and/or personal data that regards him/her, even if these are not yet registered , and the subsequent comprehensible communication.

The User has the right to obtain the following details:

  • The origin of personal data;
  • The result and manner of use;
  • The logical procedure applied in case of effective use with the aid of electronic instruments;
  • The details identifying owner, responsible parties and representatives designated in the details of Article 5, comma 2;
  • The subject or categories of subjects in which the personal details can be communicated or can be made available by a representative designated to be responsible or in charge of in the territory of the State.

The User has the right to obtain the following:

  • The update and/or correction or, in case of personal interest, the integration of data;
  • The cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or the blocking of data used in violation of the law, including those in which processing is not necessary in relation to the scope in which the data is gathered or consequently used;
  • The proof that all operations in points 1) and 2) have been made known, including their content, to those whose data has been communicated or released, except in the case in which said performance is known to be impossible or needs the use of instruments which are not proportional to the rights protected.

The User has the right to take a position against, in whole or in part:

  • For legitimate reasons, to the use of personal data that affect him/her, in lieu of pertinence to the intended use;
  • All use of personal data that pertain to the sending of publicized material or the direct sale or for the fulfillment of market research or the commercial communication.

In addition, the User will always have the right to access his/her own personal data via the World Wide Web, collected by Youppido, by way of his/her own access code (Username and Password). In this way the User can integrate, modify or cancel the data, at any given moment, without profit, independently and with complete responsibility. Through the same interface the User will be able to control the reception, the circulation and the content of information provided by Youppido.

The personal data acquired by Youppido may be communicated to all staff members, co-workers and advisors at every level of employment within our Company, as well as to external company bodies. In addition, all said data may be communicated to subsidiary and/or affiliated companies of Youppido, as well as commercial partners of Youppido (service providers, manufacturers, carriers, etc.) and companies that carry out research using the client's preferences, within the purposes already defined.

Cancellation of Profile

The cancellation from the website has to be done personally by the client. It is possible by selecting cancel profile as seen in the account status menu and following all indications. This will be the means to delete all data from our database.

Unsubscribe from Newsletter and Notify Emails

To cancel the newsletter service it is necessary to log in, enter the website and type personal details (username and password); then it is necessary to visit the account status page and select the receive e-mail notifications. When the page is updated, the above-mentioned will be modified to e-mail notifications deactivated.

Use of registered e-mail

The e-mail address provided is only requested in the registering phase and will be utilized by our website and by our affiliates to send the newsletter, promotions and site updates. The sender of aforementioned messages shall be the following: Sender (Alias)

  • Youppido
  • Staff Youppido
  • Youppido.Staff


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