GCU/General Conditions of Use and access to service

www.Youppido.com is designed for an adult public, the user must be 18 years old

This Youppido website is a Social Network service with the goal of connecting people. To allow them to establish relationships, seek and find new friendships via the World Wide Web.

We ask the Subscriber to carefully read the Terms and Conditions of Use. The Subscriber to Youppido will adhere to the said Conditions of Use. If the Conditions are not accepted then membership to Youppido will not be possible. The registration to one or more Services and the use of the mentioned site assumes the complete acceptance of the binding Conditions of Use of the contract on the part of the Subscriber. Clicking on 'I am at least 18 years of age, have read and accept the Conditions of Use' on the lower part of the subscription page. The subscriber declares to be completely informed and bound to the entire contract.

Declaration of Rights and of Responsibilities.

This Declaration of rights and of responsibilities is taken from the Principles of Youppido which regulates our relation with the user and all those who interact with Youppido. By logging in and using Youppido, this Declaration is accepted.


For Youppido, the user's privacy is very important. We have refined our Policies on privacy in such a way that provides a simple way to use Youppido as a tool to get in contact with people, share what they wish with other people, how we gather information, how we are able to use its contents and the user's information. We invite all users to read our Privacy Policy you have certain rights under privacy laws in the United States including the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CaCPA), the California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 (CPRA), and privacy laws of other countries including the European Union General Data Protection Regulation of 2016 (the "EU GDPR"), the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR / the Data Protection Act 2018), the Data Protection Act 2018, and other global privacy laws. Even if not listed here, we will make reasonable efforts to honor data subject access requests even though we may be under no legal obligation to do so.


The user is owner of all content and information published on Youppido and can control these with the provided add and remove buttons.

  • With regards to the contents covered by the rights of intellectual property [i.e., pictures and videos (IP content)] the user gives Youppido the following authorization (subject to the regulations of privacy and their application): the user will provide Youppido a non-exclusive transferable license that acts as a royalty-free sub-license, valid world-wide, that gives consent to the use of any IP Content publicized on Youppido or connected with Youppido (IP License). The IP License will terminate the moment the user deletes all IP Content published through his/her account and includes all content shared with third parties.
  • When the user deletes Ip Content, these will be deleted in the same manner that the recylcle bin on the computer is emptied. Nonetheless, it will be possible to save the removed contents as a backup file for a limited time (so as not to be visible to others).
  • When an application is used, its contents and information are then shared with the application. Applications must respect the user's privacy and the agreement accepted at the moment the app is added. This controls the way in which the app can use, archive and transfer its contents and the information gathered (more information on the Platform is available in our Privacy Policy and the Info page on the Platform).
  • When the user publicizes content and/or information using the 'all' setting, this will make said contents and/or information available to everyone including (and not limited to) non-members of Youppido, to accept and use said information and all that is associated with his/her profile (in particular: his/her name and picture).
  • The comments and suggestions related to Youppido by its users are welcome! The user must be aware of the fact that we can use them without any obligation to compensate users (in the same way that users are not obliged to make such statements).


We strive to make sure that Youppido is a secure website, but we cannot guarantee it. We need all the help we can get so we ask its users to contribute in the following manner:

  • Do not send or publicize unauthorized commercial advertisements (for e.g., spam) to other Youppido users.
  • Do not gather content or information from other users, nor access Youppido in other ways, using automatic technology (such as gather bots, web robot, spider or scraper).
  • Do not begin illegal multi-level marketing actions, for example pyramid schemes, on Youppido.
  • Do not upload/send any viruses or malicious files.
  • Do not look to obtain access information or use other member's accounts.
  • Do not insult, intimidate nor molest other users.
  • Do not publicize the following type of content: threatening, pornographic, with will incite hate, with images or animation of nudity or with violence of an extreme nature.
  • Do not develop or use applications that contain content of an alcoholic nature or that target an adult public (including advertisement) that does not restrict use to the correct age group.
  • Do not develop contests, offers or reward promotions on Youppido without our written consent. In the case that we do give consent:
  • Do not use Youppido for any illegal, misleading, malicious or discriminating activity.
  • Do not initiate actions that can hinder, pressure or compromise the intended function of Youppido. For example, blocking the site from providing its service.
  • Do not promote or encourage any violation of this Declaration.


Youppido users may create an account using their given name, or a 'nick name'. Once registered, and to guarantee account security, users will strive to:

  • not give any false personal information on Youppido or create an account for another person without authorization.
  • not create more than one personal profile.
  • not create another account without our permission if their account becomes unavailable/disabled.
  • Not use their personal profile to obtain commercial profit (e.g., selling their update status to an advertiser).
  • Not use Youppido if they have not reached 18 years of age.
  • Not use Youppido if they have been accused of any sort of sex crime.
  • Make sure that their contact information area is always correct and updated.
  • Not share their password (or, in the case of developers, their security key), nor give consent to others to access their account or enable to take any other action that may put their account at risk of weakening its security .
  • Not give their account to a third party (including any administrative page or application) without written consent.
  • When a member selects a username for his/her account, Youppido reserves the right to remove or reclaim it, if it is considered appropriate (e.g., if the proprietor of a brand name complains of the fact that a username does not have direct connection with the user's real name).


Use of the Payment Service is based on the presumption that the User registers one or more credit to be used within a time limit after the expiry, the member will lose unused credits. Users can obtain credit by using credit cards (via Internet or telephone) or by check.

The activation of credits occurs simultaneously to the payment and / or within a maximum period of 48 hours from date of purchase.

Youppido, through the acquisition of credits, allows users to consult other people's profiles, even if they are not members of Youppido. The cost of establishing or managing these search tools and interactions vary, therefore, Youppido proposes different fees or free access to some categories of Subscribers, not based on sex (male or female) nor sexual orientation of their search, or probability to meet a member, but rather the difficulty or cost of establishment/management of said credits. Near the end of the credits, the customer authorizes the site Youppido.com to recharge them. The reload plan can be chosen by the user clicking on Account Status in the reload plans area. The Payment Service will always be accessible on the Youppido site, at the latest when visualized and at the use of the Payment Services in which the User wishes to subscribe, as well as at the moment of visualization and use of the related fees.


6.1 Content Disclosed by Youppido

The brand (including Youppido.it, Youppido.net), it's logos, graphics, photographs, animation, videos and written content are the intellectual propriety of Youppido or its partners and may not be reproduced, used or represented without the explicit authorization of Youppido or its partners; transgressors will be pursued in a court of law.

The right to use any of the above mentioned on behalf of Youppido to any User are rigorously limited to access, download, print, reproduction onto any type of media (hard disk, floppy, CD-ROM, etc.) and the use of these documents for private and/or personal use for the duration or membership to Youppido. Any other use on the part of the User is not allowed without the authorization of Youppido.

In particular the User cannot modify, copy, reproduce, download, diffuse, transmit, exploit commercially and/or distribute in any form its services, pages from Youppido's site, nor its information codes of the elements that form the Services and the website Youppido.

6.2 Users' contents

The User gives Youppido license to use as intellectual property any content given by the Users within correct limits to be widespread on Youppido.

This license includes the right for Youppido to reproduce, present, adapt, translate, use for both commercial or non-commercial publicity, to give in sub-license or to concede any content that affects the User (information, images, video, descriptions, search criteria, etc.) on all or part of the Youppido Service (on the Youppido site, by mail, etc.) and/or in mailing of Youppido and in general on all electronic communication variants (e-mail, sms, mms, EAP, Internet, cd-rom or dvd-rom).

The User expressly authorizes Youppido to modifiy the above-mentioned content with respect to the details of Services provided by Youppido or any other media mentioned here and/or to render them compatible with its technical performance or the formats indicated. These rights are conceded for everyone in the world and for the whole duration of the present General Conditions of Use between other Youppido users and Youppido itself. It is forbidden to the Members to copy, reproduce or otherwise use the contents related to Members, except for strict use of the Service for personal and/or private gain.


Youppido may be held responsible by a User only in the case one proves in a Court of law with certainty and in a definite manner, anything that demonstrates the commission of a damaging act on the part of Youppido toward the User.

The brand (including Youppido.it, Youppido.net), it's logos, graphics, photographs, animation, videos and written content are the intellectual propriety of Youppido or its partners and may not be reproduced, used or represented without the explicit authorization of Youppido or its partners; transgressors will be pursued in court.


Youppido reserves the right to modify its Conditions of Use at any moment. The User shall be informed of said modifications as soon as they are published by Youppido. The modifications will take place one month from the date of being announced on Youppido. At the moment of Subscription to Youppido, the User agrees to all automatic modifications.

Users are kindly requested to use the most up to date version of Youppido.


Youppido is very careful toward the protection of minors; for this reason the site is targeted to an adult public. At the moment it is verified that a minor has entered the site by way of curiosity or with intent to do so, we ask the said Minor to inform their parental figures or guardians. If a Minor is contacted without having prior knowledge of subscription we invite them to communicate with us by way of the Contact/Abuse link.


Aforementioned request shall, on the part of Youppido, go into effect from the beginning of the next business day. Such request does not constitute a reimbursement of any credit still available.

Provided the aforesaid, in case the User commits a serious breach of contract that could be considered jeopardizing to Youppido or that is not compliant with the Conditions of Use, the Subscribed User shall be suspended and, consequently, cancelled from using the service without previous notice or warning. This consequence shall have the same effects on the part of the User.

The mentioned User shall be completely responsible for all damages and all interests that may be reclaimed by Youppido to the User or ti its legal representatives for any legal damage caused by the said violations.

The User shall inform by way of electronic mail of the resolution or of the confirmation of resolution of their account. The data related to the User shall be destroyed on the member's request or the expiry of the legally binding terms of subscription from the date of the resolution of his/her Account.


You have 14 days to withdraw from a purchase made on the site or app. To do this, address your request to Customer Service, which will then proceed with your full or partial refund, calculated in proportion to the length of the period during which you used our services.

However, be aware that withdrawals are only possible on the first initial purchase and not on renewals and purchases of gadgets.

If you have passed this deadline, it is no longer possible to grant a refund. We therefore invite you to take advantage of your subscription using the functionalities of the site. If you no longer wish to continue your searches at the end of the scheduled duration, remember to cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription from "My account" area to prevent this from continuing after its expiration date. If you made a mistake when making your purchase, you still have 14 days to make your request to Customer Service, we will only refund the unused amount.

(Art.11) WHO WE ARE

Youppido.com is a "Social Dating", owned by YOUP TECHNOLOGY LLC, ID 001161409, 1309 Coffeen Avenue STE 6518 Sheridan, Wyoming 82801. Managing technical and customer support and payments purchase packages and credits for the use of the site is in the hands of YOUP TECHNOLOGY LLC -managing domains of his suffixes is in charge at Godaddy Inc-5111 n. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 United States.

if you want to get in touch with us you can click here

Entire Agreement

These conditions, Youppido's rules, our Privacy Policy are complete and exclusive agreements between the user and Youppido's Services. We may change these Conditions from time to time, the latest version will always be available at GCU, should the review, in our absolute discretion, be considered significant, we will notify you by sending an email to your account. By continuing to access or use the Services after the amendments have become effective, you agree to be bound by the new conditions.


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